Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Transitioning from the past...

I've only managed 5 entries since returning from college and that's evidence enough that life doesn't revolve around internet/emails/chatting anymore. When they said working life will change you, they forgot to mention that internet will lose its appeal and that your cyber, ethereal friends have morphed into real, mass and matter human beings with lives other than those you read of in their Friendster.

I guess we're all growing up :)

And to celebrate that, I've moved here in an effort to discern the college me and the grown me (yes, I've grown.. albeit physically and not psychologically :) . Peter Pan, anyone?) so that we don't confuse Yazmin the College Caffeine Hunter with Yazmin the Grave Intellectual Grown-Up Person.

Come join me, it's quite nice here :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Potty Harry

I've never been so disappointed in my entire life. Not even when i learnt that a "Bombay Duck" isn't actually a duck, but a fish dish.

I started off reading the latest Potter book late one evening. I couldn't fall asleep so naturally i shuffled to the bookcase to pick out something light. After having re-read the entire Asterix and Tintin collection the last couple of weeks, I decided on something slightly more stimulating. Plus "The Half-Blood Prince" did have a sliver of enchantment to it (even for a book about wizards). Naturally I was hoping the story would play its magic on me as "The Sorcerer's Stone" once had. However, 2 chapters into the book and I was bored to tears at the redundancy of the author's descriptions. Some sentences ran on for whole paragraphs consisting of 4 lines. Most the time I would just skim through her babble and skip pages; I ended up in bed early that night. For lengthy descriptions, leave it to Tolkien (The Hobbit, LoTR) and Arthur C. Clarke (Rama, A Space Odyssey). Chapters 3 onwards proved no better. Nothing significant happened and even the Quidditch matches seemed to have lost its lustre. I found myself simply reading the words Rowling had written and not once did i feel the urge to pick up a broom and fly around chasing after golden snitches.

I totally missed the climax of the story due to the bland events that took place, and was glad (albeit very disappointed, 'cos I'm quite fond of the four-eyed fella) when it ended. If anything, the sixth book is a drawn-out sequence that only sets the stage for the coming book. Hopefully, a better book.

P/S: The Core was on tonight and it looks like a poor reproduction of Armageddon...This is me feeling a little critical >:|

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Power-Juicers Anonymous

I developed a cold in the past few days. Most likely to have been caught from Arif, Afiq, Marsya or Nureen. It's easy to catch colds with kids running amok around the house.

Ajim arrived at 10 A.M., just as I was about to nod off, and we headed out to have lunch with the newlyweds, Imaan and Nazmi. Having sniffed all the way up to KL (with Ajim cheekily remarking, "You look so cute with snort dripping down your nose"), I rationally opted for plain noodle soup. It's bad enough that I don't get out often, but to have my lunch choices limited to porridge and chicken broth was really depressing.

When I arrived home, I saw a huge box parked outside my parents door. It had written on it "Jack La Lane's Power Juicer". I know my mum has been eyeing that juicer for at least a year now. She would take breaks from the kitchen in the morning and sit in front of the telly watching all the adverts on kitchen utensils, fat burners, muscle tuners and face whiteners. And at the end of each advert she'd scribble down the number shown on the tv and tell me how good these products are because they're shown to a large audience with a man behind a camera.

Now that my dad has retired and has opted a healthier lifestyle of jogging every other day and cutting down on his sugar, mum must have somehow succeeded in prodding him to pay the RM700 for this nifty contraption. To be honest though, the Juicer has been the most exciting thing we have bought since the Thigh-Burner Bicycle mum and dad bought some 5 years ago (of which less than a year of it was spent using the bicycle).

After dinner dad asked Akak and I to assemble it. (Evidently it takes one pharmacist and one system analyst to assemble a Power Juicer.) Everyone was excited and we all crowded around our new family member. Apparently dad had rushed to the store that evening just to buy RM2 worth of carrots. The 'fridge had already been stocked up with fruits by mum that morning. We started off with carrots.

It took approximately 5 to 6 carrots to fill half a mug and 2 apples to fill the bottom of a glass before the Juicer stalled. I immediately started laughing at the sheer irony of 4 grown-ups standing around a juicer making carrot juice and watching it stall. Mum was adamant that it was supposed to stall for a bit and said that Jack himself had shoved in whole apples, core and all. Not wanting to admit to having spent a fortune on the juicer only to have it break, dad took it apart and made us clean the parts and reassemble it. Thankfully, it started purring again, and out came that apple juice Jack promised.

Although the Juicer stalled the first time, we were all ready to give it a chance. The carrot juice was heavenly and the apple juice, phenomenal. You immediately felt like all your ails were gone and that your body was healthier. Dad and I immediately made a vow to drink carrot juice by the gallon, everyday.

I have a feeling we'll be having just a little too much fun with the Juicer after all.